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Check out the 3 Finalists that have all completed RISE MKE. RISE MKE is a 14-week Entrepreneurial Training Program designed to ensure that emerging businesses don’t start blindly, providing business development with a focus on marketing, branding, business network development, and other essential resources.

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Rochelle Einsiedel | OH Snap! By Shell

Hey I’m, Rochelle, your story-telling Photographer!
At OH Snap! By Shell Photography, we create relationships with companies and individuals to become their Contract In-House Photographer!
Our mission is to Capture Life, History and Experiences, specializing in smiles, always capturing your True Authenticity with a vibe!
At an early age, I noticed that pictures can freeze moments in time. It made people have all kinds of reactions when they look at them, happy, sad, excited, uncontrolled laughs, etc! Pictures tell a story, real or even made up. Pictures show authentic moments and I love everything about that.
Taking pictures was always a hobby of mine, it’s my journal! When approached about making photography a business I refused thinking I would loose my love for it. That was not the case.
In 2021, I started OH Snap! By Shell Photography. It has given me the opportunity to take pictures all over the World. Such as, Mexico, Dubai and AFRICA!! I could have never even dreamed of getting paid for something I absolutely would do for free! I always wanted to travel the world, who knew it would be through my camera lens!
I have a passion for photography that shines through my soul, it’s noticed upon my aura. I’m supposed to take pictures, it’s my calling! I love what I do and it shows, I truly believe my clients hire me for my love of the art and it helps that my pictures are of great quality too!!

Tomira White | Delicious Bites

Tomira White, a dedicated wife and nurturing mother who brings a blend of expertise and passion to the culinary world. As the visionary Owner and Chef of Delicious Bites, Tomira has masterfully guided her culinary haven for the past five years, infusing every dish with her signature flair. With a solid foundation in both a Bachelor’s of Science and a Masters in Psychology, Tomira has seamlessly blended the art and science of cooking.

Her journey doesn’t stop there – Tomira’s relentless pursuit of excellence led her through numerous business incubator programs, paving the way for Delicious Bites to flourish and expand. Inspired by her trailblazing grandmother, a dynamic entrepreneur with four thriving restaurants in Milwaukee, Tomira inherited an innate creativity and a boundless love for food.

In her bustling kitchen, Tomira’s culinary prowess shines as she skillfully crafts innovative twists on timeless classics, all while prioritizing top-tier ingredients that resonate with her commitment to quality. Beyond the cutting board, Tomira’s heart finds joy in family moments, jet-setting adventures, and the world of fashion.

Join Tomira as she continues to explore, create, and savor the art of cooking, weaving together her rich heritage and contemporary passion into every delectable bite.

Alise Kumar | AP Makeup Academy

Alise Kumar is a Milwaukee-based makeup artist who founded and is the CEO of AP Makeup Academy. She is known for her ability to create flawless skin and accentuate her clients features with a versatile range of looks from minimal, fresh looks to dynamic glamour. AP Makeup Academy is a beauty school providing an education in professional makeup artistry and esthetic fundamentals. Her thorough and technical education and curriculum has created many pathways of opportunity for many local professionals makeup artists and estheticians. Her talent can be seen on runways for the MET GALA, New York Fashion Week, and the Daytime Emmys, in editorials for publications such as Moevir, Vigor, and Pump Magazines, in addition to campaigns for brands including Saks Off Fifth and C.R. Lee.

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