The Team

Ossie Kendrix

Ossie Kendrix

President /CEO

The African American Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin is a vital part of the ongoing economic engine here in the great state of Wisconsin. Your membership with the Chamber provides unparalleled opportunities to connect with peers, current and prospective clients and partners up and down the supply chain.

Further, the programs and events we present provide extraordinary opportunities to grow needed networks and gain new insights to address the ever-changing challenges facing all of us in business today. By working together as Chamber members, we have a much stronger voice with our elected leaders as they contemplate policy revisions and new rules and regulations that create greater certainty and an improved environment for business in the state.Our body of work ranges from the widely utilized business technical assistance we provide, to the incredible hands on Small Business Programming we offer. The programs cover education, leadership development, business growth and networking.

I am personally enthusiastic about our upcoming launch of the highly anticipated RISE program. This program is an innovative collaboration with both the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Milwaukee and The Milwaukee Urban League. The RISE program model is adapted from the highly successful MORTAR Program which was has seen tremendous success in Cincinnati Ohio. RISE is a 14-week Entrepreneurial Training Program that is designed to ensure that business don’t move into common pitfalls that happen when they move forward blindly. The RISE program will take a business step by step through business start-up processes while positioning them to launch or grow in the highest most effective position for success.

To make all of the programs possible, we recruit local member support at a variety of levels. We are especially grateful for our sustainability partners who represent local companies that provide supplemental funding. Others provide sponsorship funding for specific platforms.

However, our largest supporters are our 200+ business members, which are critical to fulfilling our mission.

Our mission is clear:

“We champion the growth and sustainability of African American owned businesses by providing access to capital, education and advocacy through capacity building and strategic partnerships.” Our vision states that, “Economic vibrancy permeates African American families and communities because of strong businesses, an educated workforce, and limitless opportunities in entrepreneurship or the workplace”

Under the leadership and guidance of the Board of Directors, we have maintained the integrity of our mission and kept the accountability and purpose of our vision at the center. I am excited about where this journey will take us and determined to move forward according to our strategic direction with the continued support of partners and a growing membership roster.

Here’s to greater expectation and realized vision!

Moving forward boldly,


“Being a member of the chamber is a valuable learning experience. Not only are we supported with business connections, we are also supported with tools such as financial Literacy, wealth building, business planning essentials and access to other positive structural organizations. The membership has allowed BID 39 to sit at tables we could not have entered alone. The chamber is resourceful as well as dedicated to the survival of small and large businesses. We value our membership and encourage others to explore the dynamic resources available.

Jennifer Potts BID #39 Director (AACCW Member)